A COUP A Turkish Trilogy-3

It is the evening of July 15, 2016. Nuray Demir, a journalist, steps off the tram in Istanbul to visit her friend, Adalet Ulusoy. Gun shots burst out nearby, and chaos breaks loose in the streets before her eyes. Soldiers are dispersing everywhere. Nuray runs to investigate and crosses paths with the wrong soldier.

Adulat struggles with the long-distance relationship that has gone on for several years. He is Jewish and she is Muslim. He lives in New York, and she lives in Istanbul. He would marry her in a heartbeat, but she is too emotionally tied to Turkey to make the commitment.

These two women, each in completely different circumstances, are both caught up in a vortex of change. Will they learn to navigate and overcome this new reality? Or will they find a way to safely leave it behind?

“In a Coup, Phyllis Skoy brings to life characters living in the outbreak of the most recent attempted coup in Turkey; this book crackles with suspense while the writing itself is to be enjoyed and savored.”

– Thomas Ogden, author of This Will Do…

“…fearlessly-written novel based on the 2016 Turkish coup attempt. A lovely and illuminating read.”

-Joan Schweighardt, author of the Rivers trilogy

“An intriguing, at times harrowing but ultimately uplifting novel about a young Turkish woman who publishes a magazine for women in the dictator Erdogan’s Turkey.”

-Damian McNicholl, author of A Son Called Gabriel

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