Just For Fun: Best Christmas Gift for Django

Just For Fun: Best Christmas Gift for Django

After my “bah humbug” blog, I thought it only fair to share about Django’s Christmas. He does have the most fun, because he spends Christmas Day (as do we) with the Firestone Clan and all of their musically named dogs.

“Django” is for Django Reinhardt, the French gypsy guitarist. When we named him, we decided to follow in the fine Firestone tradition, as our dogs form a pack.

Django was so looking forward to all the dogs he would be seeing there on Christmas Day; I’m never quite sure how many! Last year Django acquired an additional toy, as we got one too many.

A blanket with a kiss

Toys for Django (PHOTO BY AUTHOR, including author’s accidental knee)

This incredibly soft blanket is gifted to Django by Lynn and Lynda Miller, who have two small ones for their little dog, Tillie. All the proceeds go to rescue dogs. The other side of the blanket is bright red and says “#1 Dog” and “Kisses.” When I oohed and ahhed at Tillie’s blankets, they decided Django needed one. As you can see, he is pleased and proud.

So maybe gifting for Christmas is not so bad and does not require a goat or a water buffalo from Heifer International, but merely a critter, when that is what one is all about. And we are most definitely all about critters!

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