An honor, and a precious moment in time: My book signing in Boston with Dr. Anna Ornstein

Boston is a wonderful city. Everything is close at hand, and one can walk almost everywhere. The museums are fabulous, as is the food, and the people are friendly and helpful. How exciting it was for me to be back there after so many years for a book signing. Earlier this month, I came to Boston to speak about my book Myopia, a memoir (IP Books) at Brookline Booksmith with Dr. Anna Ornstein, author of My Mother’s Eyes: Holocaust Memoires of a Young Girl (Published by Emmis Books, sold by IP Books). I wish I had taken more advantage of Boston while I was living in New York. Unfortunately, when we went to Back Bay to see the brownstone in which I had lived many years ago, it was the only building on the block that had been gutted. An extraordinary pairing It is...

A Few of the Wonderful Places Writing Takes Me: My Upcoming Book Talk with Anna Ornstein in Boston

A Few of the Wonderful Places Writing Takes Me: My Upcoming Book Talk with Anna Ornstein in Boston

This past Monday, Martin Luther King Day, my publicist, Carolyn Flynn, initiated a dialogue for me with Dr. Anna Ornstein. The connection came about through a conversation that Carolyn had with my publisher, IP Books, which suggested that I think about presenting and reading with Anna. She was not completely unknown to me through psychoanalysis and her publications on trauma, but I had no idea of the amount she has written. And I did not know about her book, My Mother’s Eyes: Holocaust Memories of a Young Girl, a collection of stories she read to her children over many years of Passover seders. Because I have read so much Holocaust writing, I was certain that I had read her book, but when I went to my Holocaust shelves, the book was not there. IP Books kindly...

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